Without Warning (2016)

Without Warning

Lynette Eason – Elite Guardians Series

Book 02 – Without Warning (8/2/2016)


Taut Writing and Breakneck Pacing That Will Keep Readers Up All Night
Katie Singleton, a partner with the Elite Guardians Protection Agency, stumbles upon her next assignment quite by accident. Spotting blue lights at a familiar restaurant, she stops to investigate, only to discover that owner Daniel Matthews has become the target of someone who will go to any lengths to put him out of business.
Daniel might be concerned, but he’s not convinced that a bodyguard–and a female one at that–is necessary. A new attack and his niece’s urgings are enough to make him reconsider. He and Katie must figure out who’s behind the intimidation and threats–before a would-be killer strikes again.
Witty dialogue and a simmering attraction will have readers flying through this tension-laced thriller. Eason exercises complete control of her readers’ emotions as they race through the pages to discover the truth.

Always Watching (2016)

Always Watching

Lynette Eason – Elite Guardians Series

Book 01 – Always Watching (1/26/2016)


The bodyguards of Elite Guardians Agency have more than just skill and prowess in common–they’re also all women. When it becomes clear that popular psychiatrist and radio personality Wade Savage has a stalker, his father secretly hires Elite Guardians in order to protect his son.

But when Wade’s bodyguard is attacked and nearly killed, agency owner Olivia Edwards must step in and fill the gap. Olivia’s skills are about to be tested to the limit as Wade’s stalker moves from leaving innocent gifts at his door to threatening those closest to him. Olivia has the feeling that she’s next on the list. And to complicate things even further, she realizes that her heart may be in as much danger as her client.

Heart Strike (2016)

Heart Strike

M.L. Buchman – Delta Force Series

Book 02 – Heart Strike (8/2/2016)


DELTA FORCE: The deadliest elite counter-terrorism unit on the planet
• A precision strike force
• The most out-of-the-box thinkers in any military
• Will die to get the mission done

SERGEANT RICHIE “Q” GOLDMAN: The smartest soldier on any team
SERGEANT MELISSA “THE CAT” MOORE: Newest on the team, determined to be the best

Rescued from an icy mountaintop by a Delta operative, Melissa Moore has never met a challenge she can’t conquer. Not only she will make Delta Force, she will be the best female warrior in The Unit, and woe to anyone who says otherwise. Technical wizard Richie Goldman is Bond’s “Q” turned warrior. A genius about everything except women, he takes point on the team’s most dangerous mission yet. When the Delta Force team goes undercover in the depths of the Colombian jungle, surviving attacks from every side requires that Richie and Melissa strike right at the heart of the matter…and come out with their own hearts intact.

The Redemption Series Boxed Set (#1-3) (2016)

The Redemption Series Boxed Set

M.L. Steinbrunn – The Redemption Series Boxed Set (#1-3) (8/4/2016)


They say blood is thicker than water.

They are wrong.

Sometimes the closest of families are the ones we create for ourselves.

Through the heartache and heartbreak life deals them, Vivian, Jen, Carly, and Campbell finally find what they never knew they needed.

Discover the secrets behind their redemption.

This boxed set includes Forgive Us Our Trespasses, Lead Him Not Into Temptation, and Deliver Her From Evil.

Varius (2016)


Madison Stevens – Luna Lodge Series

Book 09 – Varius (8/5/2016)


Hybrid Varius has found his other half in Lena, a nurse he rescued from the crazed fanatic Reverend John. Still suffering from her attempted murder at the hands of John and his men months prior, a relationship is the last thing on Lena’s mind. When Varius is sent to help Lena pack up her things at her old place, he might have the chance to convince her that he’s the man she needs.

Lena can’t seem to get her emotions under control. One second she’s panicked over the idea of leaving the lodge, the next she wants to tear off the clothes of the super-sexy hybrid. A trip back to her parents’ place offers the emotionally battered woman a chance at recovery.

Unfortunately, spending time around a hybrid makes Lena a target, both of a ratings-hungry reporter and an old dangerous foe of the lodge.

Varius only wanted to convince Lena that she could love him. Now he’ll have to save the woman he loves or risk losing her forever.


Break of Day

Mari Madison – Exclusive Romance Series

Book 02 – Break of Day (8/2/2016)


From the author of Just This Night
There’s a chance of a heat wave for the crew at News 9 San Diego…

Asher Anderson is an amazing surfer—with a body to match—but he’s pretty much the world’s worst weatherman. He’d prefer to catch the perfect swells in the morning so he tapes his forecasts in advance—it never rains much in San Diego anyway. The suits at News 9, however, would love to fire him, but since he’s the son of the station owner, they’ll just have to get creative…

Piper Strong thinks she’s scored her dream job when she’s promoted to weather producer. Glorified babysitter is more like it—she’s now responsible for bringing Asher back to shore. The problem is she’s afraid of the water, and she wasn’t counting on her growing attraction to Asher. But if Piper can just weather this storm, she’ll be able to carve out a career to be proud of—and maybe even a place in her heart for love….

Just This Night (2016)

Just This Night

Mari Madison – Exclusive Romance Series

Book 01 – Just This Night (3/1/2016)


First in a sexy series set in a TV newsroom—from a multi Emmy Award-winning TV producer.

At News 9 San Diego, the hottest stories happen off camera.

Betrayed and abandoned by his wife and left to raise their young daughter on his own, TV news photographer Jake “Mac” MacDonald has moved to San Diego for a fresh start. He’s sworn off women forever and devoted his life to his little girl. But when his brother-in-law drags him out to a night club, Mac can’t help but be drawn to the cute blonde who asks him to dance. Maybe he can make an exception…for just one night.

A hot fling is exactly what news reporter Elizabeth White had in mind when she brought Mac home. A quick cure to help her get over her ex-boyfriend. But things get awkward when her anonymous hookup turns out to be her newest colleague. Now they must put their attraction behind them and find a way to work together. But when someone starts sabotaging Beth’s career, she realizes Mac is the only one she can trust. And maybe their one night has the makings of an exclusive after all.