A Bear’s Baby (2015)

A Bear's Baby

Vanessa Devereaux – Kalispell Shifters Series

Book 10 – A Bear’s Baby (9/7/2015)


Jenna Paxton lives by her late father’s standards of what an attorney should and shouldn’t do. She’s also a woman with a ticking biological clock. She’s thinking of turning to IVF, but hangs onto the hope that any second Mr. Right will stroll through her door.

Brady Walsh is super rich, independent, and isn’t ready to settle down. When he does choose a mate, she’ll be a fellow bear shifter, not a human.

Brady is Jenna’s new client, and she knows he’s not the marrying kind. When they begin a sex only relationship, she knows she’s found the ideal baby daddy.

There’s something about Jenna that makes Brady forget all about not getting involved with a human, well that is until he finds out said human used him for stud purposes, and decides he never wants to see her again.

Can fate, or in Brady’s case, his fellow shifters, make him see reason and accept that Jenna is his true mate?

Protected by the Bear (2015)

Protected by the Bear

Vanessa Devereaux – Kalispell Shifters Series

Book 09 – Protected by the Bear (7/1/2015)


Chloe Davis doesn’t know a lot about planes but she knows there’s something wrong with the one she’s traveling on. When it crashes and she’s trapped beneath an overhead bin, she doesn’t count on ever being found. Her rescuer, Ash McWilliams, isn’t only a doctor but a bear shifter. When she goes into premature labor she knows she can’t risk going to a hospital because someone might find her. However, it seems it really is her lucky night because Ash has the perfect place for her and the baby to hide.

Ash feels the need to protect Chloe and her baby, but when she runs away, he knows the only way she’ll feel safe is to reveal the truth about himself and the rest of the Kalispell Shifters. Can Chloe live with the group and keep their secret or will her impulsive decision be the end of them all?

Reforming the Bear (2015)

Reforming the Bear

Vanessa Devereaux – Kalispell Shifters Series

Book 08 – Reforming the Bear (3/31/2015)


Liam Ahern will never win the prize of most popular shifter. In fact, he’s what you’d call a grumpy grizzly. However, when he sees a woman crawling by the roadside one night his instinct is to help and then protect.

Lucy Hunt needed to get to the middle of nowhere, but nowhere quickly became a scary place, especially when she was fleeing a sex crazed trucker. But along comes her knight in shining armor who not only takes her to a hospital where they’re be no questions asked, but offers her temporary sanctuary while she hides out in Montana.

Can Lucy reform this once mean-spirited grizzly and make him see that humans aren’t all bad? Or will Liam’s overbearing protectiveness, and his bear’s instinct to protect what he loves destroy their future?

Bear With Me (2015)

Bear With Me

Vanessa Devereaux – Kalispell Shifters Series

Book 07 – Bear With Me (3/5/2015)


Bear McWilliams is the new doctor in town. He loves his job and looks forward to delivering the first human/shifter hybrid baby belonging to Aiden and Charlotte Renner. However, he has one dilemma: every female shifter wants him as their own.

Hannah Morrison recently purchased the Starlight Café. She hoped the move and new scenery would help her son, Sam, who’s been diagnosed with autism. She’s a single mom, and Sam’s the result of a foolish one-night stand.

Bear soon learns that the only woman in town not beating a path to his door is Hannah and decides to do what any bear should do—chase her. An added attraction is her son who seems to have a mysterious connection to Bear and the other shifters in town.

Is Hannah his true mate and is Bear the man destined to win her heart and help her son?

A Wolf’s Mate (2015)

A Wolf's Mate

Vanessa Devereaux – Kalispell Shifters Series

Book 06 – A Wolf’s Mate (2/11/2015)


Nick wouldn’t say he hates humans, but let’s just say they’re not his favorite species to hang out with. So why does this one hold his interest and put his libido into top gear? Unless of course, she’s his intended mate. But come on now, a human?

Ava Spencer feels she’s been sent to Montana on a case resembling something from the X-Files rather than anything in real life. Men shifting into animals? Give her a break and let her go home. That is until she spots the gorgeous man who seems to be just as interested in her as she is him.

She’s learned her lesson the hard way about handsome men but giving Nick a chance can’t be so bad, can it? Well, not unless the truth he’s hiding is the mother of all deceptions.

Something for the Pain (2015)

Something for the Pain

Victoria Ashley – Pain Series

Book 02 – Something for the Pain (9/24/2015)


Tempting, inked and highly addictive. Alex is all that and more…

I’ve made a lot of mistakes – ones I’m not proud of, and definitely ones that have left their marks both mentally and physically.

Things got lonely; I got lost in my own fucked up mind and in the end it left me fucked out of my mind and unable to fight – or at least win. That life’s over for me and I’ve moved on.

Six months into tattooing at Blue’s and already I’m the most wanted and sought out tattooist. My biggest clientele consists of women.

They come into the shop, end up in my bed and we both come out happy. It’s been my release since I’ve stopped fighting. It’s become part of the “new” me.

But when Tripp reappears in my life, I can’t deny the fact that I would do anything for that girl.

So when she asks me to move in with her and her ‘boyfriend’ – our other childhood friend – I never expected for things to get so fucked up and twisted that I would find myself only more attracted to her by each passing second or wanting to protect her from everything that isn’t me.

I have worked so hard over the years to suppress my feelings for her but when I find out that her and Lucas have been having an open relationship, I have the strong urge to rip his heart straight from his chest – to destroy the very thing that keeps him breathing.

What I didn’t expect was for Lucas to ask what he did. For him to ask me to do the one thing I have secretly longed for since I was old enough to know what the need was. The second thing I never expected was the look of need that I saw in Tripp’s eyes when he asked.

One night of free passion could change our lives forever.

I never said that was a good thing either…

Three Parts Fey (2015)

Three Parts Fey

Viola Grace – An Obscure Magic Series

Book 03 – Three Parts Fey (9/1/2015)


With her binding to her partners, Benny feels safe and settled. She wants to start her career in the XIA and make a place in that organization. The past rears up and has other ideas.

The binding has its own issues. Their group has to meet and greet each family they are attached to and try to gain approval for their union. A different technique is required for each species, and they have to be ready for anything.

True love might win the day, but politics is a pain in the butt.