Sable (2013)


Marie Hall – Chaos Time Series

Book 01 – Sable (10/30/2013)


When Sable Ray sings, people die. She’s spent most of her life locked away to protect others from her curse, abandoned to an insane asylum and the monster in her own head. Lately, though, she’s been having dreams of another time, another life – one where she’s free. Where her power isn’t a curse, but a blessing.

And just when she’s sure things can’t get any weirder, she’s confronted by a stranger with eyes as blue as the hottest flame He swears she’s not crazy – in fact, she’s the key to saving the world.

Race to Recovery (2013)

Race to Recovery

Megan Faust – Full Throttle Series

Book 02 – Race to Recovery (11/28/2013)


Brant Bye is used to being #1. He’s the first born son, his father’s favourite, and a champion stock car racer – at least he was until an injury threatened all that. The broken foot has healed but now Brant is hooked on painkillers, and if his father or manager find out he can kiss his #1 status good-bye.

Seth was too used to playing second-fiddle to his cocky, spoiled older brother, and he had lots of practice cleaning up Brant’s messes. When Brant wants his help sneaking off to rehab, Seth says ‘okay’ without a second thought. But Seth is getting tired of being second rate and his disillusionment turns into full blown rivalry when they meet Alice.

Alice McGee is a recovering addict and this isn’t her first time in rehab. She’s always been a nothing, a nobody, and now she has not one but two men swearing their love for her. Will she choose the man who understands her but may enable her to keep using just like all her past boyfriends? Or will she ride off with her very own knight in shining armour? And what happens to two brothers when only one can win?

Race to Redemption (2013)

Race to Redemption

Megan Faust – Full Throttle Series

Book 01 – Race to Redemption (10/10/2013)


Chloe had always dreamt of racing on the dirt track but being the only daughter in the family, she’s only allowed to race with her brothers and no one else. When her older brother Brant gets into an “accident” during a warm up lap before the biggest race of his career, she gets the chance she has been waiting for. Nevermind that she had been warned: Be careful with race car #34. He’s fast. He’s furious. He’s dangerous. He might just be the man behind the accident.

Wanting to have a taste of NY fun before she starts racing, Chloe ends up in bed with a hunk of a man. He’s quiet, sexy and everything she wants her Mr. Right to be. She just wasn’t expecting to see him again the next day as Trey Williams, Race Car #34.

Firecracker Takes Aim (2013)

Firecracker Takes Aim

Megan Flint – Firecracker Series

Book 04 – Firecracker Takes Aim (11/22/2013)


Trixie Harridan can’t keep her worlds apart. It turns out the two men she’s been sleeping with work together.

Erik hired Cy as a masseuse at his fitness center and Trixie is afraid that talk around the water cooler will reveal her to be the ginger-haired harlot they both share in common.

Meanwhile, Erik’s former friend-with-benefits and business partner, Vanessa, has been eyeing Cy like a strip-loin steak, causing Trixie to marinate him in a lustful wave of ownership sex.

Shortly thereafter, when Erik innocently books Trixie a massage with Cy as a treat, she’s suddenly caught between both men at the same time, and hard pressed to ignore her sweet tooth.

Firecracker Under Pressure (2013)

Firecracker Under Pressure

Megan Flint – Firecracker Series

Book 03 – Firecracker Under Pressure (7/13/2013)


Trixie Harridan wants to juggle two guys, but it just got a lot harder.

Cy returns from the country with a big surprise, but it’s not what you think. He’s moved into the city. The change is sudden, but Trixie loves that Cy knows what he wants and goes after it, especially when it’s her body.

Erik, a different flavor, is worried about hurting Trixie with his hulking size, but it’s his feral nature that she craves between her legs. Trixie wants to be pillaged and will do anything to awaken Erik’s inner savage.

With confident prowess in one hand and primal domination in the other, Trixie is stretching her limits, but can’t say no to either man.

Firecracker Gone Astray (2013)

Firecracker Gone Astray

Megan Flint – Firecracker Series

Book 02 – Firecracker Gone Astray (6/12/2013)


Trixie Harridan has met an amazing guy. After gorging her sexual appetite with Cy all weekend, she feels a hollow ache when he returns to work out of town. He promises to return soon, but three weeks feels like an eternity. Seeking distraction, Trixie signs up for a fitness class, but can’t tell if she’s there to firm up her backside or make amends with Erik, the Herculean class instructor from her past. Perhaps they can do both at the same time.